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Tim Allardyce is recognised as one of the top shoulder rehabilitation specialists in the UK. As a respected osteopath and physiotherapist, he spent 7 years training in rehabilitation, conditioning, biomechanics and kinetics.

He has not only worked with a number of top golfers, but has worked with sportspeople ranging from World Champion kayakers, to Britain’s top female sprinters, to International footballers, to Olympic weight-lifters, to name just a few.

Tim runs The Sports Injury Clinic, a successful private practice at Addington Palace, London.  His other passion is sailing.

Tim has featured in magazines such as Men’s Fitness, Health Plus, he is also a regular contributor to Golf Punk magazine and Cycling Weekly.


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Tim Allardyce

Croydon Physiotherapy Clinic
Addington Palace

Clinic Tel: +44.(0)20-8 662 5059

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....From Top Physio To Great Britain's Elite Athletes

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