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Do you have a Stiff or Painful Shoulder?

Would you like to lift your arm above your head without pain?

Have you asked your doctor about the pain and been given temporary solutions that didn't really help?

Is your shoulder pain limiting what you can do?

Stop Letting This Pain Limit YOU!

There is No Reason to Let Another Day Go By as Your Condition Worsens!

Your shoulder pain just isn’t going away. You’ve already tried painkillers, you’ve already tried anti-inflammatories, you’ve been to your doctor and probably your physical therapist, and your shoulder pain just isn’t getting better.

I am going to give you solutions to your shoulder pain. I am going to teach you all the secrets that physiotherapists and osteopaths already know! Patients every day pay me a fortune to teach them how to get rid of their pain.

When you read my guide, you are going to get all this information that I have accumulated over seven years of training, and five years of practice.

"Tim will help YOU gain the results needed to conquer your goals and CURE YOUR SHOULDER INJURIES"

"I was introduced to Tim back in September 2005 at my home training venue at Crystal Palace. I was training for the Commonwealth Championships, when 1 week before I was due to leave I injured my arm. It was from this point he had a real challenge fix me in 7 days!! After the first visit I instantly felt better and responded quickly to Tim's treatment to feel fully fit heading out to my event.


Leading up to Commonwealth Games 2006 in Melbourne Tim's treatment was a major role in maintaining my physical fitness. He not only takes on board your injuries, he takes on the requirements of your sport to ensure any weaknesses are fazed out to allow you to be at your best, and I definitely benefited from this. He is totally 100% committed to you no matter how big or small your problems may be, Tim will help you gain the results needed to conquer your goals and cure your shoulder injuries."

  Jo Calvino - Britain's top female weightlifter


Just spend a few minutes utilising my exercises and your shoulder pain will disappear, forever!

You are about to learn how to end your shoulder pain for good! Shoulder pain is NOT something you have to live with.

With just my first exercise, you will immediately start making improvements! You could start to feel the pain melt away within 20 minutes!

I have developed a specialised programme with 43 easy-to-follow exercises and a detailed plan that will help you rehabilitate your painful and stiff shoulder. Clear photographs, diagrams and explanations make these exercises a breeze.

An Effective “Shoulder Pain Reliever” that Eliminates the “Guesswork” and Guides you “Step by Step” through the Healing Process.

I have seen hundreds of shoulder pain sufferers and I’ve come to a startling realisation: almost every person with shoulder pain lacks the necessary knowledge on how to fix their own shoulder!

Exercise Your Shoulder Pain Free is guaranteed to get you back on the golf course, tennis court or whatever activity you have been missing out on because of pain and lack of mobility. And it will stop you wasting money and time on doctor's appointments and physiotherapy.

Now, for the first time, you can reap the benefits of his skills and advice, without having to pay for a private consultation.

The No.1 Shoulder Pain Treatment is ALL-NATURAL

You will be thrilled by how quickly you start to see results with this programme! The secret to my treatment can be now be found in my new revolutionary book Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free, which will change the way you view your shoulder pain forever…

7 Specialised Exercise Levels for you to Complete

  • Level 1 - Passive Mobilisation will get you improving your shoulders mobility. Almost immediately you will see real results and feel LESS PAIN in your daily life.

  • Level 2 - Exercises for Stabilisation extend on Level 1 and get your shoulder muscles working hard to move the joint again.

  • Level 3 - Active Mobilisation exercises will push you even further in getting full range of movement back.

  • Level 4 - Advanced Stabilisation pushes your rotator cuff shoulder muscles to strengthen to support the healing of your shoulder joint.

  • Level 5 - But Exercise Your Shoulder Pain Free mustn't end there, which is why the Level 5 exercises bring your shoulder back to its full strength.

  • Level 6 – Advanced Stability and Strength exercises are geared towards you reaching the level to help you achieve more advanced activities.

  • Level 7 - Not everyone needs to reach this level, as they are Sports Specific, but if you are active in sports, you will learn some real gems for completing your shoulder rehab and getting back in the game!

Would you like to save hundreds of pounds on expensive physiotherapy, chiropractic or medical treatment?

Have you been told you need shoulder surgery?

Surgery should be your very last option. Do not miss this opportunity to heal your own shoulder pain. Do as much as possible before submitting to surgery. Buy my book and you will almost certainly avoid the dreaded knife, and all this for less money than one appointment with a therapist!

Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free contains information you WON'T get at the doctors. But I work with shoulder pain sufferers and successfully treat it every single day. I am going to share my secrets and advice you won't find in a doctor's office. You don't need to be a doctor to understand why your shoulder hurts. Find out how you are unconsciously causing your own shoulder pain and allowing it to worsen EVERY DAY. But before you can treat your injury, you need to understand it.

All you need is a Detailed, Simple to Use system that walks you through the entire process of ending your shoulder pain forever!

Who wants to go and see a therapist three times per week spending hundreds of pounds with no guarantee it will work. It costs £30.00 to £60.00 to see a therapist for a single appointment, often without seeing any results!

Get all the secrets from a leading UK Osteopath and Physiotherapist!

So if you are wondering who I am, and why I am so sure that I can heal your pain, just look at my credentials.

My name is Tim Allardyce, I am recognised as one of the top shoulder rehabilitation specialists in the UK.

As a respected osteopath and physiotherapist, I’ve spent 7 years training in rehabilitation, conditioning, biomechanics and kinetics.

I have not only worked with a number of top golfers, but have worked with sportspeople ranging from World Champion kayakers, to Britain’s top female sprinters, to International footballers, to Olympic weight-lifters, to some of the World's top powerlifters, to name just a few.

I also run The Sports Injury Clinic, a successful private practice in South London, and I see dozens of shoulder pain sufferers every week! I work with the shoulder surgeons so I know best how to avoid shoulder surgery. I have been featured in magazines such as Men’s Fitness, Health Plus, as well as being a regular contributor to Golf Punk magazine and Cycling Weekly.

Now I have put together this fantastic guide to shoulder pain relief:

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At Last! The fastest and Easiest Way to Release Shoulder Pain. Guaranteed to eliminate your shoulder pain – FOREVER!

What is so great about Exercise your Shoulder Pain-Free is that you don’t even have to understand the cause of your shoulder pain (although it is explained in my guide). Just follow my simple instructions and you will be amazed at how quickly your pain subsides.

What is even more fantastic is that you can heal your pain in the comfort of your own home!

You don’t have to worry about discovering these secret methods on your own because I’ve done all the research. I’ve read the journals and learned the methods that my teachers were using for years before I came along. You may think you can surf the net and read the articles, but there is no complete guide out there other than my expert book. If you think you can teach yourself, trust me I have seen many people try and fail, and they all come back to my guide to get relief.

Most People Think They Have To Accept Shoulder Pain. THEY DON'T!! Shoulder pain is treatable and you don't need costly doctors, chemicals or supplements to do it.

This book will cost you less money than one appointment with a
physical therapist

My guide is easily worth ten times what I’m going to be offering it to you for. In fact, for those people who I have saved having surgery, its actually turned out to be hundreds of times cheaper than what they would have had to pay.

But before I tell you how ridiculously good value my guide is, just do me two small favours. Firstly, when you buy my guide, follow the instructions carefully and use every piece of advice I give you. This will ensure you make the fastest, fullest recovery. Secondly, just send me a short testimonial telling me how “Exercise your Shoulder Pain-Free” helped you feel better. And if you promise to do these small favours for me, I will let you have Exercise your Shoulder Pain-Free for just

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Even at a higher price this programme would be a bargain. Imagine the cost of a doctor's visit….or a specialist? Think about how much you have paid for remedies that just don't work! This natural programme deals with the root causes of your pain and it REALLY works. I teach you my proven techniques to fix your pain.
Exercise Your Shoulder Pain Free takes an in-depth look at understanding shoulder pain with detailed photos of all 43 exercises. This is the first time I have offered his exclusive programme to those outside my practice, so take advantage of this limited time offer to get the system that has already helped so many.

Invest just $37 in your Health

That’s right, you too can receive this amazing, fact-filled book for only $37!

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56-Day 100% Money-Back "No Questions Asked" Guarentee!

When you download the guide, just use it for 56 days and if you do not see the results, you can have your money back. If you don’t feel the investment was worthy of your $67 $37, then simply request a refund!
No hard feelings. No questions asked.

But I think you will value my knowledge so highly, you will be extremely unlikely to want to send my guide back.
And when you start becoming pain-free, you’ll just have to tell all your friends about my guide and share your experience with them.

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